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WDLXTV: NFS network folder doesn’t appear in WD TV Live screen

In my previous posting, I did mention that I so pissed off with Apple TV due to bad experience to jailbreak it. I then bought Western Digital TV Live. As expected, the media player is also “hacked,” to enhance its stock features/functionalities.

The hack (or modification would be a rather positive word) is accessible from Please read more from its wiki especially on this NFS mount HERE.

My setup is, I have all media downloaded to my Mac Mini Lion Server, which I enable the NFS. Please read further HERE info about enabling NFS on Mac Mini as the default setting is disable.

My NFS configuration work well from my testing when I mount from my MacBook Pro. As for WD TV Live, I followed all the instruction to add the “xmount” command into /conf/net.mount. But, the NFS folder just did not appear as Network Share when viewed from my LED TV. To make it more difficult, “show mount -e” command clearly indicated that the mount work.

My further research from internet made me realized my fault. I have to attach a USB disk drive (regardless of what size) in order for the whole thing to work. Once, you inserted the USB disk drive into any of the USB port on the WD TV, pleases power cycle (switch off, then on again). Now, you will see the NFS folder appears as a folder under the USB disk drive. Remember though that, it might take some time for the mount to complete (I believe it also depend on how much/big files inside your mounted NFS folder).

Hope, this may help.


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