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Correct iCloud bookmarks sync between Mac and iOS devices

I upgraded from OS 4.3.1 to OS 5 right after it was released. I really enjoy all the features and this is the only iOS version where I can live without jailbreak it as, most of the feature I wanted from jailbreaked iphone is there in OS 5.

However, few days ago, I realized something was just not working as intended. I realized most of my new bookmarks that I added in my MacBook and Mac Mini Safari browser did not appear at all or appear incorrectly (not in the designated folder, mostly right under the Bookmark root folder). My search over the internet did not give much solutions.

I tried several trial and error, and the one following is the only proven to work best so far:

1. First, disable and choose delete all your iCloud Bookmarks from all your iOS devices (iphone, iPad).

2. Backup your MacBook/Mac Mini Safari bookmarks either by File>Export Bookmarks or just copy ~/Library/Safari/Bookmarks.plist into your temporary location e.g. Desktop. ~ indicates your user directory. Access it by using Shift+Cmd+ G in Finder.

3. Now delete the original Bookmarks.plist from the Safari folder in Finder. Then restart your browser. Your browser should now recreate a new default Bookmark where you will be Google, Yahoo! and other default bookmarks.

4. In Safari, File> Import Bookmarks the backup copy of your original bookmarks. This action will create a new imported bookmark folder. You may view that folder containing all your bookmarks at Bookmarks>Show All Bookmarks.

5. Now, the crucial step, drag all your bookmarks from the imported bookmark folder into each folder (Bookmark Bar-for those bookmarks list appear horizontally below your Address bar, and Bookmarks Menu- for those bookmarks that stay within the Bookmarks drop-down menu.

6. You may now delete the old imported bookmark folder. Manually sync your iCloud to update the changes that you made. Try this several times.

7. You may now activate iCloud Bookmarks feature in iOS.

8. Open your iOS Safari browser, wait for moments until your bookmarks reappear according to the their respective folder location.



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