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Resolving error 1600 when jailbreaking Apple TV 4.3 using Seas0npass

Just would like to share for those encounter error 1600 when you are using Seas0npass to jailbreak Apple TV 2 4.3.

I always encountered error 1600 halfway throughout the jailbreak process. For your info I am using Mac OS. In fact, I am using 2 Mac OS Lion (MacBook Pro and Mac Mini) to jailbreak the Apple TV. I almost give-up already and actually bought Western Digital WD TV Live!

I tried to figure this out from Mr Google but the explanation available so far related to the cause for error 1600 e.g. it was due to micro usb cable issue, other usb devices connected to the computer just do not work for me. I easily can restore using iTunes to the standard, non-SP firmware even with my computer connected to other usb devices using the same exact cable.

However, last night, suddenly the jailbreak just work! And here I would like to share that experience.

The issue is as from my understanding is the failure of the Apple TV to maintain its DFU mode during the restore process by iTunes. The difference between successful jailbreak and has error 1600 half-way into the process is determined by when you actually release the MENU+PLAY buttons as told by the instruction from the official Seas0npass site.

From my several unsuccessful attempts, this is my observation. You must release holding MENU+PLAY buttons EXACTLY WHEN Seas0npass is showing “Uploading iBSS.k66ap.RELEASE.dfu to device”. Do not release holding those buttons BEFORE that (while Seas0npass is showing “Found device in DFU mode”) or AFTER THAT (while Seas0npass is showing “Restoring in iTunes”).

Take note though that, after each unsuccessful restoring process, you must first “clean” the Apple TV by first restoring to the original, non-pawned firmware. Well, the process may look tedious but promise you that the effort is worthy!

At this screen, connect your Apple TV using the micro USB cable to computer. Start pressing and holding the MENU+PLAY buttons. If still not entering into DFU, release for short while and press again.

Keep holding the buttons!!!

When the progress bar at this screen is more than 50% of its progress, then you must release holding the buttons

Now, just wait and relax to allow the iTunes to restore the new jailbroken firmware.


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