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Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility client

For VPN access, normally I just use the Cisco AnyConnect client on Mac OS X. This client was earlier available from my company VPN website (we call it workforce portal).

However, I just realized that the Sharepoint-based Personal Performance Appraisal (PPA) is not compatible at all with either Mozilla Firefox or Safari. I then started my Windows XP Parallel Desktop. To be honest, I haven’t use Windows XP on Parallel Desktop for very long time as I am really stuck to Mac OS X environment. The Mac OS X is just to good to revert back to Windows (though I realize the newly revived Windows 7 that run on my old Acer desktop really run so smoothly).

In Windows XP, I then run Internet Explorer and immediately point the browser to my workforce portal to install the Cisco AnyConnect client for Windows. To my dismay, there is no longer page to allow me to download the client. I then went to Cisco website with the thought Cisco must host it for free download. Unfortunately, Cisco requires client password to access any download stuff.

So, I have to go to Mr Google and after very tedious search, I found one and install it immediately. No my surprise, the client GUI is slight differently from what I saw running on my other Windows 7 client. The name of the client is also different. It still bears the “Cisco AnyConnect” but with additional “Secure Mobility” name. Regardless of that, when I enter my company VPN address, it just easily get connected to the network completely with no error what so ever.

So, I decided to host this hard-to-find Cisco client software. Please download from HERE.


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On my iphone

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My opinion about my iphone 4 vs my wife Android HTC Legend

If anyone ask me why I like/choose iphone? The first answer is its App Store. This the foremost reason why I use smartphone. If not for the app, I rather stick to the like of standard phone e.g. Nokia (the most boring phone in my opinion, sorry Nokia users)…

I am now using iphone 4. This is my second iphone as I only begin interested to use iphone when they start OS 3.X (starting with iphone 3GS I think). My key reasons that delayed my attention toward iOS device are before OS 3.X, it even does not have copy-and-paste!

My experience with iphone 3GS is actually is mixed. The software is superb, no doubt. But the battery life is just terrible. At my pace of using safari almost every hour, the phone will only last exactly when I arrive home after office (around 7pm). By then, I have to place it on its resting place, to recharge the battery.

Now with iphone 4, I am really happy to see the battery life is very outstanding. At 7pm, it still can retain 30%-40%. The camera also really shock me. The High Dynamic Range (HDR) implementation is really perfect. The difference between standard, non-HDR photo and HDR is very obvious. To test it, please shoot to a scene where there is an extreme brightness level. See example below.












On software, even though my earlier statement praises what Apple did, for iphone to really shine, it has be to be jailbreaked. Jailbreak is the only mean to really unleashe the full capability of iphone 4. In my later posting, I will share how jailbreak will really make your iphone always one-step-ahead of standard iphone.

So, what about Android? My wife use HTC Legend running Android 2.1. Frankly speaking, Android is wonderful. If there is no Apple ecosystem (no Apple Mac OS X laptop), I will go for Android. It is very much cheaper than iphone and no worry about jailbreak, unlock, etc.

What about the app in Android? For me, even though iOS thru App Store do has the biggest number of app compared to others e.g. Android Market, the truth is the app on Android Market is more meaningful. Apps in Android Market allow a lot of customization to your phone. App in Apple App Store are pure productivity, game and similar to that kind of apps. There are no way you can for example change to different type of SMS application (with the exception for web browser, Apple now allow other web browser to be placed on App Store). Only thru jailbreak, then only you will be able to install customization e.g. make new shortcut, access the root folder, make it as wifi router, etc.

In Android Market, you can access a lot of quality app that really improve functionality of your phone. And they are more free app in Android Market compared to Apple App Store.

Hope my article above will help some people to decide between Android or iphone. Blackberry? Sorry babe…I never once own any Blackberry, so no comment.

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Make Application Exception/Exclusion for Kaspersky Anti-Virus

If you run any anti-virus which some version of it also acts as firewall, you will face problem to run certain application that require internet access. Normally the anti-virus should be able to make that exception automatically during the applicationĀ installation process. However, in certain cases, you have to do it manually.

Recently, I need to run Cisco AnyConnect which is a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Whenever, I try to establish the connection, it will fail. Immediately I know, this is problem caused by Kaspersky anti-viru firewall. The most common practice but strongly NOT recommended is to disable your anti-virus for a while. By doing so, you actually now open up your computer to either network/virus attack. Strongly not recommended.

So, here is the more practical and safer way. You have to create exception in Kaspersky so that Kaspersky will not block any network traffic by the application.

Open your Kaspersky. Go to Setting

Go to the "Options> Threat and Exclusions"

Go to Exclusions

Click "Add" to browse application for the exclusion

Or you may browse from the list of application that is provided from the list

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Get place coordinate from iphone Google Maps

In one of my previous post, I shared how to obtain coordinate (North/South, East, West) from Google Maps on web browser. This time I will show how to do same thing but using Google Maps in iphone. This is particularly important when you require to go to some unknown, unfamiliar place while you are away from office computer or personal laptop. Especially important for Malaysian users as even if you have the best GPS navigation device, due to poor address system in Malaysia (UMNO/BN punya pasal la), you can not rely on “Search using Address” function. Those in UK, Europe or other developed country including Singapore, you can reach anywhere in those country provided that you know the place’s post/zip code or street name.

The idea of this tip is to get coordinate from iphone Google Maps and then enter the coordinate in your GARMIN, Tom-Tom (I learnt from low yat forum that it will be available in Malaysia at much cheaper price than GARMIN) so that you can reach your destination hassle free afterward.

Follow the steps:

1. Go to iphone Google Maps. To get your destination, you may type to search your friend/office “Taman, Dewan,” etc. Or, if the place of your interest is not searchable, you may browse the map by first search the nearest city or any other popular landmark.

2. Press and hold the exact place on the map. This will create a “Dropped Pin” or pin bearing the name of the place. Refer to my picture below.

3. Press the “>” symbol on the right side of the dropped pin.

4. Press the “Share Location”

5. Choose sharing method, either Email or MMS. Email will be much faster. Use email address that you can access from your iphone (Gmail, Exchange, etc). Remember, in this method you will get your coordinate from your email.

6. After you send the email, go to your Email application to find the email sent from Google Maps.

7. Open the email and click the “Dropped Pin.” Your iphone will bring you back to Google Maps and this time on the search bar, will indicate the location and display the coordinate e.g. 3.11111, 101.33344. This actually mean East (E) 3.1111, North (N) 101.33344.

8. Now you can use the coordinate to use in your GARMIN or any other GPS navigation device. Make sure you preset the coordinate format in your GPS device to follow the format given by Google Maps which is in E XX.XXXXX, N YY.YYYYY. If not you will have trouble to convert to minute/second. More tedious. Good luck…

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