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GPS Nuvi 200

For Malaysian, Garmin is the most optimum choice when it come to GPS navigation. Although there are several other GPS brand in Malaysia e.g. Mapking but Garmin is the most recommended one.

Nuvi 200 is the entry level All-in-One (AiO) standalone GPS navigation system offered by Garmin. As an entry level, it primary function is for navigation with picture viewing capability. No other fancy stuffs e.g. integrated Bluetooth for hand-free or FM TMC traffic receiver which anyway is not available in Malaysia.

As for the map, Garmin do have Malaysia and SIngapore maps included but they are not frequently updated. The best map source for Malaysia and Singapore is of course from The maps are freely available for download.

To entitle for further updates (updated every month), you need to do the followings:

  1. Register as member in the forum
  2. Own GPS navigation system that can do tracking/mapping (Garmin Nuvi 200 can be hacked to use tracking function). However, the best option is to use Windows Mobile devices or other handheld GPS dedicated for mapping/tracking.
  3. Contribute at least two new Point-of-Interest (POI) or new tracks to community.
  4. To contribute, you need to PM to the forum administrators (depend on your area) by providing your GPSID with links to your contributions.


  1. berapa harga GPS dalam ringgit malaysia. saya minat nak pakai satu dan mana boleh saya dapatkan .

    Comment by shah | 10/10/2008

  2. pray tell, how to “hack” into my nuvi200 so it can track? My God I feel so IT-challenged after paying through my nose to own this gadget.

    Comment by Sakina | 13/11/2008

  3. nice gps 🙂

    Comment by Ahman | 31/12/2008

  4. terima kasih saudara, baru sy tau garmin pn xupdate map dia ye.still kene gune malsingmaps tu. sy pkai brand china punya & terpikir nk tukar pakai brand garmin rsnye xjd la sbb brand china pn update kat malsingmaps jugak.terima kasih atas maklumat saudara sy xperlu nk perabih duit beli benda yg sama 2 kali.

    Comment by fadzli | 29/03/2011

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