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Model Name Eee PC 8G Eee PC 4G Eee PC 4G Surf Eee PC 2G Surf
Availability Now
Price (USD) $499 $399 $349 $299
Available Colors Pearl White, Galaxy Black Pearl White, Galaxy Black, Blush Pink Pure White, Galaxy Black Pure White, Galaxy Black, Lush Green, Sky Blue, Blush Pink
Included Accessories Carrying case, USB mouse Carrying case None None
Memory (RAM) 1 GB (DDR2 SO-DIMM) 512 MB (DDR2 SO-DIMM) 512 MB (DDR2 SO-DIMM)
(White may not have access cover)
(Black generally has access cover)
512 MB (DDR2 soldered)
Solid-State Drive 8 GB (PCIe) 4 GB (soldered) 4 GB (soldered) 2 GB
Built-in webcam VGA (640×480) @ 30 fps None
Battery 4 Cells: 5200 mAh, 3~3.5hrs* 4 Cells: 4400 mAh, 2.8hrs*
Storage Expansion External MMC(plus)/SD(HC) slot
Display 6” (15.25cm) by 3.6” (9.15cm) or 7” (17.78cm) diagonal; WVGA (800×480) @ 133.3 PPI
CPU 900 MHz Intel Celeron M ULV 353 @ 630 MHz 800 MHz Intel Celeron M ULV @ 571 MHz
Operating System Custom Linux OS (Xandros); Windows XP Home (upcoming, can be user-installed)
Wired Networking 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
Wireless Networking 802.11b/g Wi-Fi (PCIe)
Internal Modem External RJ-11 connector present but internal MDC board not populated
USB Ports 3 external, ? internal
External Display VGA D-SUB (up to 1600×1280)
Audio High Definition Audio with built-in stereo speakers and built-in microphone
Weight 0.92 kg (2.0 lbs)
Dimensions 22.5 x 16.4 x 2.15~3.5 cm (8.86 x 6.46 x 0.846~1.4 in)

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