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Windows Server 2008 and Vista are bad!

I am currently configuring a server meant for web application. For the server, we quote to Microsoft for Windows Server 2003 however to our surprise we were given Windows Server 2008(WS8) instead. Initially we felt why not give a try although just few weeks before I downgraded my newly bought UMPC that come preloded with Vista to Windows XP.

After completing the installation for the WS8, then all the nightmare come in, first we realized that our network which use Novell is not yet optimized for Vista. Till today, I still can not get the server to get connected to Novell network in order to connect to internet. With this, we can not activate the WS8 yet. It is terrible! We now trying to use USB HSPA/3G wireless modem to get internet access. But again, another nightmare, the USB wireless modem is not compatible with Vista even after we upgrade the device firmware.

Tomorrow we plan to use another wireless modem using iBurst 4G technology from

However, luckily the IIS still work and the web application still can be accessed by all the users through existing Local Area Network (LAN) although without the Novell network for internet access.

Apart from that, we also having difficulty to activate the OS using the product key. We still figuring out what is actually cause this error message “DNS name does not exist.”

Now I know and appreciate, why many people hate Vista and its derivative, Windows Server 2008.

Anyone to support my stand?


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