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Bagaimana mendapatkan latitude & longitude dari Google maps

Dalam zaman canggih dengan teknologi GPS hari ini, sepatutnya pemandu-pemandu tak perlu lagi sesat untuk mencari lokasi kenduri kahwin, tempat program, pejabat rakan niaga, rumah kawan, adik-beradik dan sebagainya. Ramai yang tahu kewujudan Goggle maps, tetapi setakat tahu guna nak tengok bumbung rumah sendiri sahaja, nak check bumbung bocor atau pun tidak.

Kalau tahu sekali pun, takat boleh copy-and paste portion of the Google maps ke email untuk ditunjukkan kepada para pelawat masing-masing.

Sebenarnya, Google maps membenarkan kita mendapat kan koordinat (titik) latitude dan longitude daripada petanya dan kita boleh memberikan koordinat tersebut kepada pelawat kita. Dengan adanya koordinat ini, maka mereka boleh memasukkan koordinat itu ke dalam GPS navigator mereka (Garmin, Papago, Tom-Tom) dan seterusnya sampai ke destinasi tersebut tanpa sesat dan menggangu tuan rumah dengan bertelefon bertanyakan petunjuk jalan.

Saya akan tunjukkan kaedah mendapatkan koordinat dari Google maps; pertama dengan menggunakan Google maps di web browser komputer. Keduanya dengan Google maps di iphone. Kalau yang tak ada iphone tu, beli lah satu. Guna Google maps di Android phones pun boleh juga.

Sebenarnya cara yang paling senang ialah dengan menggunakan Google Earth. Cuma leceh sebab kena download dan install dulu di PC. Kadang-kadang komputer di office tak boleh install software selain di rumah tak ada internet atau internet slow sangat. Ye lah, sapa suruh guna internet broadband Maxis dan Digi 🙂

Google maps di PC

1. Pergi ke Google maps di
2. Browse sama ada secara manual atau taip nama tempat yang ingin kita dapatkan koordinatnya. Contohnya, rumah kita, tempat program, etc.
3. Di hujung atas sebelah kanan, klik “New!”
4. Sebuah pop-up windows akan appear untuk beberapa tools yang Google sedang experimen.
5. Tools yang kita perlukan ialah “LatLng Tool Tip” dan juga “LatLng Marker.” Tool “LatLng Tool Tip” menyebabkan koordinat mana-mana kawasan peta yang kita gerakkan mouse akan menunjukan latitude dan longitude titik tersebut. Manakala tool “LatLng Marker” membolehkan kita mark koordinat tempat yang kita kehendaki dengan right-click dan memilih untuk mark koordinat titik di mana mouse pointer itu berada.

6. Sekarang, anda akan dapat melihat koordinat tempat yang telah dipilih tadi dalam format ddd.ddddd*. Tolong ingat selain format ddd.dddd* koordinat boleh di tulis dalam bentuk ddd* mm’ ss.s’ atau ddd* mm.mmm’ Pastikan anda mengubah format koordinat alat nvigasi GPS anda kepada ddd.dddd* sebelum memasukkan koordinat tersebut. Jika tidak, anda akan sesat lagi.

Sila rujuk gambar di bawah untuk memudahkan pemahaman anda.

Tentukan titik dalam kawasan peta yang ingin diketahui koordinatnya.

Klik New! di sebelah kanan atas skrin Google maps

Enablekan feature "LatLng Tool Tip" dan "LatLng Marker"

Right click untuk mendapatkan Latitude dan Longitude marker

Sekarang anda boleh melihat koordinat tersebut dalam format dd.ddd*


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Now I am also a seller in Ebay

Last night,  I reached another milestone where it was the first time I put one of my gadget for sale in Ebay. For all the while I am the loyal, avid buyer in Ebay. I bought a lot things ranging from cosmetic to  my extensive gadget collection as you’ve learnt from my previous postings.

Well, ebay is a fantastic place to buy and sell.  From last night exercise of putting up my thing for sale on ebay, I realized that the listing cost charged by ebay is not that expensive (unless if you are venturing into opening store there).  The overall cost for my listing last night for 7 days is merely USD1.70.

I put up my not so old Bluetooth GPS receiver which I am no longer use since my Samsung Omnia already equipped with GPS receiver.

I am no so sure whether the price that I offered is reasonable or not, but at least I now have the experience to continue putting up other stuff for sale in ebay.

By the way, you might want to see my inaugural as a seller in ebay form this link and if you

are interested, please bid 🙂

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I just learnt that, several senior mappers (antyong, sunn, dynamix) have parted away from and setting up

Few reasons were discovered from my investigation using google for the split. You may read my discoveries from the URLs below:

What ever it is, now with malfreemaps, you can really get a free Malaysian maps for your Garmin GPS devices. Unlike malsingmaps, no need for you to contribute to be entitled for the latest map in malfreemaps. That is the principal different between the malfreemaps and malsingmaps. In malsingmaps, you have to contribute at least two Point-Of-Interest (POIs), new tracks or corrections of in the existing maps for you to be entitled for the next coming map release.

Nevertheless, for malfreemaps, I still hope users can contribute so that the maps would be further updated. More mappers lead to much detailed maps.

It must be noted  that malfreemaps is still not yet as details as the malsingmaps since those mappers in malfreemaps try to build the maps almost from zero.

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Garmin release Mobile XT version 5!

I am a regular user of Garmin Mobile XT which is a GPS application meant for non-Garmin GPS hardware e.g. for Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian and Palm.

Garmin just release the new version for Mobile XT (version 5). The release, which is available here in the Garmin support site, offers the following benefits over version 4…

  • Update the look and feel of the Garmin Mobile XT application.
  • Add Google Local Search.
  • Add Panaramio photos-get to see pictures geotagged to your nearest location.
  • Add Flight Status- you can check all flight schedule (departure and arrival) for your nearest airport. In fact virtually all airports in the world!
  • Add Speed Limit display to the View Map.
  • Add ability to install and display custom vehicle icons.
  • Modify ‘Peerpoints’ feature name to ‘Location Message’.
  • Where I am function-give you easier access  to know your coordinates, the nearest junction of main roads, nearest hospital, police station and petrol stations.

…as well as a bunch of significant fixes / tweaks.

As for me, Mobile XT’s strengths have always been it’s excellent routing engine, great POI database and supplementary information and most of all it’s competitive price! In version 4 I felt this was at the expense of a UI that looked somewhat dated, but with version 5 adopting a Nuvi-like look and feel, hopefully this will be overcome!

Here are some screen shots:

Mobile XT home screen

Mobile XT home screen

See the new goolge local search

See the new goolge local search

Definitely much nicer than the old one!

Definitely much nicer than the old one!

Weather forecast

Weather forecast

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Mapsource 6.14.01 beta can not browse Malsingmaps GM-MySin

Last night, I struggled a lot to view Malsingmaps GM-MySin v2.28 map on my latest Mapsource installation using 6.14.01 beta. I found out that after installing the malsingmaps, the Mapsource could not ran at all giving error message that there is something wrong with the GM-MySin v2.28 installation.

Tonight, after some search in malsingmaps forum, i discover the bug! It is some error in the registry that we need to change.

You need to change the following registry key:


to become


The original values are hexadecimals (3c). Replace them with their decimal equilvalent (60).

This 60 is only for Peninsular maps, for Borneo use 59.

Why 60, This is the reason given by one of the forumer:

New beta releases from Garmin do not recognise the Product Code Malsingmaps is using. If future stable releases follow the same rule, we just need to change the Product Code.

Subkey (looks like subfolder) = PID, you can gmaptool or FIDfinder.exe or others software to see the PID value for your *.img file in decimal, each img file has FID, PID, RID, RgnID, VenID

or use Hex2Dec(“3B”) = 59 — function in in Excell (should enable Analysis Toolpack add-in in order to enable Hex2Dec function)

In Excell spreadsheet — Click -> Tools -> Add-ins -> check Analysis Toolpack -> OK

example for GM-MySin change from Hex 3C –> Dec 60

Or, you can just use the calculator from Windows. Choose “View” and “Scientific”.
Click on the radio button “Hex”, type the hex value, eg. “3C” and then click on the radio button “Dec”. You will get the decimal value of “60” as in the picture.

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