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First Time I have Hard Drive Failure

Yesterday, I went to Low Yatt Plaza to send my less than a year 500GB Maxtor SATA HDD for repair (or one-to-one exchange since Maxtor provides a generous 3 years one-one exchange as shown on the sticker on the HDD). The Maxtor HDD is used together with another Seagate Barracuda 500GB under RAID 1 configuration for my DNS-323 NAS.

For several months, I noticed why one of the blue light keep on blinking which means it is trying to write something on the disk forever. Realizing something is not right, I bought SATA/IDE to USB HDD connector. Using that device I then connected both HDD one after another to my Windows XP Professional desktop. Before that, I have this freeware, Ext2fsd on my desktop which enable Windows to read Linux Ext2 file system.

SATA/IDE to USB connector

SATA/IDE to USB connector

When the Seagate HDD was connected, I could have access (read/write) on the disk successfully. But Maxtor really failed. It is not recognized at all by Windows. I further troubleshoot by connecting both HDD directly to SATA controller on my Desktop (The motherboard has generous 6 SATA controllers!). The result is expected, Seagate is instantly recognized but the Maxtor took forever and never successfuly been recognized by BIOS.

So, that was how the Maxtor end up to Low Yatt Plaza and the sale rep said it will take 3-4 weeks. So right now, I have to run my DNS-323 with a single HDD. So no torrent for me for now. I do not want to risk all my data in case this Seagate fails as well.


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