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Correct iCloud bookmarks sync between Mac and iOS devices

I upgraded from OS 4.3.1 to OS 5 right after it was released. I really enjoy all the features and this is the only iOS version where I can live without jailbreak it as, most of the feature I wanted from jailbreaked iphone is there in OS 5.

However, few days ago, I realized something was just not working as intended. I realized most of my new bookmarks that I added in my MacBook and Mac Mini Safari browser did not appear at all or appear incorrectly (not in the designated folder, mostly right under the Bookmark root folder). My search over the internet did not give much solutions.

I tried several trial and error, and the one following is the only proven to work best so far:

1. First, disable and choose delete all your iCloud Bookmarks from all your iOS devices (iphone, iPad).

2. Backup your MacBook/Mac Mini Safari bookmarks either by File>Export Bookmarks or just copy ~/Library/Safari/Bookmarks.plist into your temporary location e.g. Desktop. ~ indicates your user directory. Access it by using Shift+Cmd+ G in Finder.

3. Now delete the original Bookmarks.plist from the Safari folder in Finder. Then restart your browser. Your browser should now recreate a new default Bookmark where you will be Google, Yahoo! and other default bookmarks.

4. In Safari, File> Import Bookmarks the backup copy of your original bookmarks. This action will create a new imported bookmark folder. You may view that folder containing all your bookmarks at Bookmarks>Show All Bookmarks.

5. Now, the crucial step, drag all your bookmarks from the imported bookmark folder into each folder (Bookmark Bar-for those bookmarks list appear horizontally below your Address bar, and Bookmarks Menu- for those bookmarks that stay within the Bookmarks drop-down menu.

6. You may now delete the old imported bookmark folder. Manually sync your iCloud to update the changes that you made. Try this several times.

7. You may now activate iCloud Bookmarks feature in iOS.

8. Open your iOS Safari browser, wait for moments until your bookmarks reappear according to the their respective folder location.



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EasyFind: Find file name on Mac OS

This will be the most embarrassing posting for Apple Mac OS X. Mac OS X claims it has a super advanced search tool called “Spotlight”. With all its wonderful search capability, it misses the most basic feature, to find file based on name. Spotlight will not be able to find file if you can not remember the whole exact word of the file name.

That’s why you have to download EasyFind that will supplement the missing feature of Spotlight (or cover the Mac OS embarrassment?). You can download from the developer website HERE.

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Juniper Network Connect in Mac OS Snow Leopard

I am using Juniper Network Connect to connect to my company VPN. While I was using Windows XP, no problem at all. When I log in to the VPN login site, it will install all the necessary file to run the Network Connect.

However when I first used Mac OS Snow Leopard, the Safari browser can not load the Juniper Network Connect properly. So this is what you need to do to correct this problem. Open your Terminal in Application> Utilities> Terminal. And enter each line one after another in the Terminal command line.

sudo chmod 755 /usr/local/juniper/nc/[version number]/

sudo mkdir '/Applications/Network'

Now you may run Juniper Network Connect as you normally do in Windows XP.

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Convert DVD to ISO image in Mac using Disk Utility

This will be my first tutorial related to Apple product, this time for Mac. I recently need to save my slipstreamed Windows XP Professional SP3 CD to iso image. The physical disk long can not survive. So better to make a soft copy.

We will use the Disk Utility provided in Applications> Utilities> Disk Utility and Terminal, Mac OS command line also located in Applications> Utilities> Terminal. Don’t worry, the command line in Terminal is not so complex at all. Just 2 lines to execute the overall job. The overall process will involve 3 major steps.

1. Convert physical disk to Apple .dmg format

Apple dmg format is a disk image file similar to .iso. For this after you insert CD/DVD to the slot, launch Disk Utility

You will see the disk is mounted and appear on the left side bar.

Click the New Image icon in the tool bar, and save it as a compressed file. This writes it as a .dmg file.

It will take a while depending on how big is your DVD size. After the process complete, you can see the .dmg file on your Desktop (or where ever you save it earlier).

2. Convert the .dmg format to .iso using Terminal

hdiutil convert WinXPSP3.dmg -format UDTO -o WinXPSP3.iso

This will convert the .dmg format to .iso format

3. Change the file name .iso.cdr to .iso

However, if you look at the desktop you will find that the file now has extra extension after the iso WinSP3.iso.cdr

mv WinXPSP3.iso.cdr WinXPSP3.iso

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Migrating to Apple…

Last month (September 2009) I made a move which before this I consider will not happen to me…I am now officially Apple users owning MacBook Pro 13.3″ and also iphone 3GS 16GB.

iPhone 3GS 16GB

You might find is my older blog posts, how I really hate early iPhone both for its physical design and also features. However, since the introduction of iPhone OS 3.0 and the inclusion of 3G connection, I almost have no excuse not to use iPhone.

And, so far I am very satisfied with it BUT only after I jailbreak it using Blackra1n.

I really disappointed really since iPhone is sold exclusively using the worst Telco provider in Malaysia, Maxis. Maxis is only nice on TV and print advertisement but the service is terribly lousy. Their broadband is very bad in term of Quality of Service (QoS) and coverage. I really have very few in my Address Book with Maxis numbers. Almost all are Celcom users. While Celcom service is not the best but at least reasonably acceptable.

On the iPhone, to the worst, Maxis keep on telling me that they do not have stock both for contract and contract-free Hotlink. I have to wait maybe 2 months to get one. The demand of iphone really beat the supply to the extend that when I went to buy the accessories for my new iPhone in Low Yatt, they are so surprise how I can get one!

I managed to get the iPhone from seller which happen to be located just next to my office building. The seller is really a nice guy and truly a businessmen not a con what so ever. I really will buy from him again. Nevertheless, the price I paid is definitely more expensive compared to Maxis.

My advice to buyers out there! Make sure you get the officially unlocked iPhone! There might be a chance that we might not be able to unlock iPhone in the future although I really hope the DevTeam community will be able to unlock the new baseband (05.11.07). I bought officially unlocked iPhone from the above guy for very simply reason; I need to use local SIM card whenever I am oversea. Plus I do not have to worry about the unlock will be disable when I unintentionally or intentionally update the firmware through iTunes.

The iPhone that I bought although officially unlocked however it come preloaded with OS 3.1 which at that time (in the middle of September) is not yet jailbreakable. But now with Blackra1n I am very happly with iPhone features. More on that in later posts.

MacBook Pro 13.3″

In my house, my brother studying in Lim Kok Wing University & College has been using iMac for almost a year. For all the while, it haven’t cross my mind to move to Mac OS since from my occasional use of my brother’s iMac I feel it is slight difficult to do my things in Mac.

It all happens when I need to buy a new laptop since for mobile/travel purpose I am using Asus netbook EEE PC 1000HD which initially I find adequate for checking email and browsing internet while on the go. Usually i am only outstation for less than 2 weeks so netbook is just perfect for that purpose and duration.

However, starting October I will be away for company assignment for 2 months so definitely netbook would not be adequate for my work related things later. Also, my brother also requested a new laptop since my aging Twinhead 12″ Intel Centrino is no longer able to meet this college works. I plan to give him my wife full fledge Acer laptop to him and my wife can take my Asus netbook. So, now I have excuse to buy a new laptop 🙂

So, the scouting begin. I start to look for Mac since now Mac can run both Mac OS and also Windows XP using Boot Camp. I already own Original Windows XP Professional license. The following consideration is why I at last decide to go for MacBook Pro 13.3″:

  1. All new Apple Mac series now is based on Intel processor and also come with Boot Camp which means I can run Windows XP natively on Mac computer.
  2. There is also virtualization software (Parallels, VMware Fusion and also VirtualBox (freeware)) to run Windows XP inside Mac OS environment.
  3. Also reimplementation of Win32 API like Wine and CrossOver also make is possible to run Windows application in Mac close to native speed.
  4. MacBook Pro has SD-card reader.
  5. The new Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard also really impress me. All the features and new technology introduced in it for example Grand Central Dispatch really make use the multicore processor capability and also now support 64-bit implementation. The 64-bit implementation now allow the use of memory above 4 GB. My MacBook Pro is using 4GB DDR3. The OpenCL implementation also means the GPU is now can be really optimised for relevant application.
  6. Most of my application now also available natively for Mac OS e.g. Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac. There are also abundant of free or open source software which I normally use in Windows e.g. SSH GUI client, prayer time, etc.
  7. I also can figure out how to resolve little problem to use Juniper Network Connect to access to my company VPN in Mac. Last time when I tried to use Network Connect at my brother iMac, it just can not run. Later in my next post I will share the solution.
  8. The physical design of MacBook Pro is just amazing. Unibody design which make it so light although not as light as my Asus netbook, the Magsafe connector and even the charger design is very distinguished from others.
  9. The battery meter display is a very feature. You can check the battery capacity before you travel.
  10. I am now iPhone user, so it make more sense to use Mac OS.

Still, there are something which I think MacBook Pro lack:

  1. No VGA port- Well, Apple is as stubborn as usual by having only DisplayPort. So I have to buy the converter.
  2. No eSATA although FireWire 800 is provided.

In overall, so far I am very happy with the performance of Apple products, iPhone and MacBook Pro. The OS are really smooth and functional.

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