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EasyFind: Find file name on Mac OS

This will be the most embarrassing posting for Apple Mac OS X. Mac OS X claims it has a super advanced search tool called “Spotlight”. With all its wonderful search capability, it misses the most basic feature, to find file based on name. Spotlight will not be able to find file if you can not remember the whole exact word of the file name.

That’s why you have to download EasyFind that will supplement the missing feature of Spotlight (or cover the Mac OS embarrassment?). You can download from the developer website HERE.


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Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility client

For VPN access, normally I just use the Cisco AnyConnect client on Mac OS X. This client was earlier available from my company VPN website (we call it workforce portal).

However, I just realized that the Sharepoint-based Personal Performance Appraisal (PPA) is not compatible at all with either Mozilla Firefox or Safari. I then started my Windows XP Parallel Desktop. To be honest, I haven’t use Windows XP on Parallel Desktop for very long time as I am really stuck to Mac OS X environment. The Mac OS X is just to good to revert back to Windows (though I realize the newly revived Windows 7 that run on my old Acer desktop really run so smoothly).

In Windows XP, I then run Internet Explorer and immediately point the browser to my workforce portal to install the Cisco AnyConnect client for Windows. To my dismay, there is no longer page to allow me to download the client. I then went to Cisco website with the thought Cisco must host it for free download. Unfortunately, Cisco requires client password to access any download stuff.

So, I have to go to Mr Google and after very tedious search, I found one and install it immediately. No my surprise, the client GUI is slight differently from what I saw running on my other Windows 7 client. The name of the client is also different. It still bears the “Cisco AnyConnect” but with additional “Secure Mobility” name. Regardless of that, when I enter my company VPN address, it just easily get connected to the network completely with no error what so ever.

So, I decided to host this hard-to-find Cisco client software. Please download from HERE.

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