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My opinion about my iphone 4 vs my wife Android HTC Legend

If anyone ask me why I like/choose iphone? The first answer is its App Store. This the foremost reason why I use smartphone. If not for the app, I rather stick to the like of standard phone e.g. Nokia (the most boring phone in my opinion, sorry Nokia users)…

I am now using iphone 4. This is my second iphone as I only begin interested to use iphone when they start OS 3.X (starting with iphone 3GS I think). My key reasons that delayed my attention toward iOS device are before OS 3.X, it even does not have copy-and-paste!

My experience with iphone 3GS is actually is mixed. The software is superb, no doubt. But the battery life is just terrible. At my pace of using safari almost every hour, the phone will only last exactly when I arrive home after office (around 7pm). By then, I have to place it on its resting place, to recharge the battery.

Now with iphone 4, I am really happy to see the battery life is very outstanding. At 7pm, it still can retain 30%-40%. The camera also really shock me. The High Dynamic Range (HDR) implementation is really perfect. The difference between standard, non-HDR photo and HDR is very obvious. To test it, please shoot to a scene where there is an extreme brightness level. See example below.












On software, even though my earlier statement praises what Apple did, for iphone to really shine, it has be to be jailbreaked. Jailbreak is the only mean to really unleashe the full capability of iphone 4. In my later posting, I will share how jailbreak will really make your iphone always one-step-ahead of standard iphone.

So, what about Android? My wife use HTC Legend running Android 2.1. Frankly speaking, Android is wonderful. If there is no Apple ecosystem (no Apple Mac OS X laptop), I will go for Android. It is very much cheaper than iphone and no worry about jailbreak, unlock, etc.

What about the app in Android? For me, even though iOS thru App Store do has the biggest number of app compared to others e.g. Android Market, the truth is the app on Android Market is more meaningful. Apps in Android Market allow a lot of customization to your phone. App in Apple App Store are pure productivity, game and similar to that kind of apps. There are no way you can for example change to different type of SMS application (with the exception for web browser, Apple now allow other web browser to be placed on App Store). Only thru jailbreak, then only you will be able to install customization e.g. make new shortcut, access the root folder, make it as wifi router, etc.

In Android Market, you can access a lot of quality app that really improve functionality of your phone. And they are more free app in Android Market compared to Apple App Store.

Hope my article above will help some people to decide between Android or iphone. Blackberry? Sorry babe…I never once own any Blackberry, so no comment.


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