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Make Application Exception/Exclusion for Kaspersky Anti-Virus

If you run any anti-virus which some version of it also acts as firewall, you will face problem to run certain application that require internet access. Normally the anti-virus should be able to make that exception automatically during the application installation process. However, in certain cases, you have to do it manually.

Recently, I need to run Cisco AnyConnect which is a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Whenever, I try to establish the connection, it will fail. Immediately I know, this is problem caused by Kaspersky anti-viru firewall. The most common practice but strongly NOT recommended is to disable your anti-virus for a while. By doing so, you actually now open up your computer to either network/virus attack. Strongly not recommended.

So, here is the more practical and safer way. You have to create exception in Kaspersky so that Kaspersky will not block any network traffic by the application.

Open your Kaspersky. Go to Setting

Go to the "Options> Threat and Exclusions"

Go to Exclusions

Click "Add" to browse application for the exclusion

Or you may browse from the list of application that is provided from the list


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