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Issues when update iphone/ipad firmware in iTunes


I am Apple fan using both iphone and ipad. However, all my idevices are jailbroken. When we jailbreak, we sometimes install software that some time make iTunes unable to connect to Apple server for verification. This might happen if you use tinyumbrella (that is required to acquire SHSH blobs to be kept in Saurik server so that you can downgrade your firmware in case of any reason)  which will alter (actually add in your /etc/hosts (for Mac OSX computer) in front of server name.

So, you need to remove the in the file. Follow the following steps:

1. Go to Terminal

2. Type: “sudo nano /etc/hosts. The terminal will ask you the Administrator password. This is required as the file is write-protected.

3. Remove the from the file. And save it by clicking Ctrl + O.

4. Now you may update your iphone/ipad device again.

Wifi Sync

Another reason why you iTunes can not connect to Apple server to update your device firmware might be due to Wifi Sync (that enable you to sync your iphone/ipad wirelessly). So please uninstall the application. Follow the steps:

1. Download the wifi sync uninstaller at HERE.

2. Unzip the file and run the the script.

3. It will ask you to enter Administrator password in Terminal.

4. Restart your computer.

5. Now you may update your iphone/ipad device again.


27/09/2010 - Posted by | Apple, iPhone

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