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Juniper Network Connect in Mac OS Snow Leopard

I am using Juniper Network Connect to connect to my company VPN. While I was using Windows XP, no problem at all. When I log in to the VPN login site, it will install all the necessary file to run the Network Connect.

However when I first used Mac OS Snow Leopard, the Safari browser can not load the Juniper Network Connect properly. So this is what you need to do to correct this problem. Open your Terminal in Application> Utilities> Terminal. And enter each line one after another in the Terminal command line.

sudo chmod 755 /usr/local/juniper/nc/[version number]/

sudo mkdir '/Applications/Network'

Now you may run Juniper Network Connect as you normally do in Windows XP.


28/10/2009 - Posted by | Apple, Mac |


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  2. hi there..

    my company also uses this juniper network thingy.. i followed ur advise but i still cant run it.. huhuhuh

    Comment by fad | 27/02/2010

  3. Halo salam kenal, saya mempunya masalah yang sama. Saya ikuti pentunjuk diatas tetapi Juniper Network Connects-nya masih tetap error.

    Comment by panca | 31/03/2010

  4. Hello Abuhawa,

    Thank you for posting these commands. I am a Mac novice and don’t know what to enter when the first command asks for a password. The logged in user account does not have a password (or is a blank password, i.e. press enter when prompted during a software install).

    Is there a default sudo or root password?

    Do I have to create or reset the root password using the operating system CD if I don’t know the password?

    Thank you,


    Comment by Paul DeGeiso | 04/08/2010

  5. Wow, thanks, that worked Perfect!

    Comment by Christian | 19/10/2010

  6. This was very helpful, did not have to do this on leopard only snow leopard.

    Comment by Rob | 17/11/2010

  7. can’t put the comands the terminal display “no such file or directory” can you help me please. thanks

    Comment by federico ramirez | 03/12/2010

  8. Thanks you solution above worked! I upgrade to snow leopard and network connect stopped working for connecting vpn to work network. Thanks again.

    Comment by Ian | 11/02/2011

  9. Thank you so much! I was going crazy trying to figure out why I couldn’t connect. You’re the best for posting this!

    Comment by Thuy | 24/06/2011

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