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Convert DVD to ISO image in Mac using Disk Utility

This will be my first tutorial related to Apple product, this time for Mac. I recently need to save my slipstreamed Windows XP Professional SP3 CD to iso image. The physical disk long can not survive. So better to make a soft copy.

We will use the Disk Utility provided in Applications> Utilities> Disk Utility and Terminal, Mac OS command line also located in Applications> Utilities> Terminal. Don’t worry, the command line in Terminal is not so complex at all. Just 2 lines to execute the overall job. The overall process will involve 3 major steps.

1. Convert physical disk to Apple .dmg format

Apple dmg format is a disk image file similar to .iso. For this after you insert CD/DVD to the slot, launch Disk Utility

You will see the disk is mounted and appear on the left side bar.

Click the New Image icon in the tool bar, and save it as a compressed file. This writes it as a .dmg file.

It will take a while depending on how big is your DVD size. After the process complete, you can see the .dmg file on your Desktop (or where ever you save it earlier).

2. Convert the .dmg format to .iso using Terminal

hdiutil convert WinXPSP3.dmg -format UDTO -o WinXPSP3.iso

This will convert the .dmg format to .iso format

3. Change the file name .iso.cdr to .iso

However, if you look at the desktop you will find that the file now has extra extension after the iso WinSP3.iso.cdr

mv WinXPSP3.iso.cdr WinXPSP3.iso


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  1. Ummm….why don’t you specify the name of the .dmg file in the script? It looks like it was name Acrobat9. How can it find it if you have it name WinXPSP3.dmg in the script?

    Comment by Janice | 02/11/2009

  2. Right now I am using Disk Utility to convert DVD to ISO on my Mac, but the quality doesn’t seem so good.

    Comment by danfeiyan18 | 30/12/2009

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