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Mount samba cifs drive to DNS-323

This is the issue that take me the longest to solve. For almost more than 6 months (close to a year i think), I just can not make my DNS-323 fun_plug to mount network drive (samba). I did refer to the DNS-323 forum and strictly follow all the instruction but to no success at all.

Today, I received a notification mail from the discussion thread in the forum and one guy (kennethxu) wrote there that he successfully managed to mount the samba drive (his shared drive in his computer) to the DNS-323 fun_plug file system.

This feature is very important for me and I believe to other DNS-323 users. With any samba drive mounted to the fun_plug, we can backup, copy between the mounted samba drive and DNS-323 hard drives. For me I need this feature so that I can copy all my completed torrents from DNS-323 to another hard drive (which is actually a media player which serve a TV recorder and media player to LCD screen) located in my living room.

Follow to following steps:

  1. Download the cifs.1.50.ko from the thread or click HERE
  2. Use the following command:

insmod cifs.1.50.ko
mkdir /mnt/sharename
mount -t cifs //windowspcname/sharename /mnt/sharename -o username=windows-login-name,password=windows-login-password

So now you may try to list the file inside the newly mounted drive using:

ls /mnt/sharename

What a big relief, so I have no excuse to buy any new NAS now 🙂

This really make D-Link DNS-323 as the world best home Network Attached Storage (NAS). But only with fun_plug hack.


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  1. Buddy, you just make my day… hahaha…
    This is exactly what I want!
    I’ll try to follow your path on the above method and let you know… btw.. that is also for the same purpose of you and I just dont want my laptop hogging on copying between NAS and my BlackBox Media Player… so I need telnet and nohup to copy between them over my GbE network at home… COOL!

    Two-Thumbs UP!
    Cheers, Arc.

    Comment by Archie Singapore | 03/05/2010

  2. Outstanding! Thanks so much for writing this up!

    Comment by Michael S | 05/08/2011

  3. Thank you for the information. It works like a charm. I added the drive to the smb.cfg file and restarted samba. I am now able to see the directory from other machines

    Comment by potosino | 18/09/2011

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