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Transform your Pocket PC as Wireless WIFI Router



This piece of beta software called, WMWifiRouter has been in my Pocket PC for almost a year I think, however I rarely use it.

WMWifiRouter will make your Pocket PC as a wireless WIFI router so that you may connect your laptop or any other WIFI enable devices to internet.The Pocket PC will connect to Internet using the standard Internet Sharing Connection which utilise the 3G or HSDPA broadband access.


The reason why I rarely use this software was that, for most of the time, like many other users, the most common way of getting internet access using Pocket PC is through USB cable or Bluetooth which also use ICS. WMWifiRouter will be very useful when no cable or the computer does not have Bluetooth connection.

WMWifiRouter will create ad-hoc (device-to-device) WIFI SSID (the SSID will appear as WMWifiRouter) from your Pocket PC so that any WIFI enable devices can connect to it. The only weakness by using this application is will drain the battery pretty fast since WIFI utilize substantial amount of power. So, you might want to hook up power adaptor to your Pocket PC when you use this application.

version 0.95

Currently, this software is already distributed commercially (under version 1.25), however, the copy that I have is in Beta (0.89) which I think still work very well.  You may want to download this application HERE.


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  1. Hi Abuhawa,

    the rapidshare link that you posted was only valid for 10 downloads. Can you send me the wmfiforouter via mail? Or upload it please again.

    This would be nice.



    Comment by Wace | 10/06/2009

  2. Hi,

    the link is not vaild anymore due to the limit of 10 downloads is reached. Can you sent me the version 0.86 via mail?




    Comment by wace | 11/06/2009

  3. my pocket pc is not sport the cab file . can u send me this softwear in jar file ………….???? my E_mail is

    Comment by mahtab ahmed | 22/10/2009

  4. hey, your rapidshits link is broken. can you re upload or send me the cab via email? thanks for your help

    Comment by jt drew | 23/11/2009

  5. Your writing style and vocabulary is so good, that i had to go through it again to understand it completely.

    Comment by PDD | 10/11/2010

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