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Celcom launches Broadband Prepaid™

Most of the complaint that I received from many of my friends related to 3G broadband service was the monthly commitment on top of their existing phone bill. They said they do not really use that. Well, it is no longer the case now with Celcom Broadband Prepaid™. This is the first of such service in Malaysia.

The Broadbank Prepaid is a ready-to-use package with speeds of up to 384Kbps and van be used without having to register. There will be two packages- RM20 per week or RM6 for 24 hours of use.

The starter pack of this prepaid plan is RM25 which include RM20 credit. To subscribe to either of these packages, users have to activate their SIM card and choose the plan using SMS.

For further information, please refer HERE.


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Good News for iPhone lovers in Malaysia!

I just discovered that iPhone will be officially available in Malaysia from Maxis starting from 20th March. Maxis announce this in their official website.

Currently, Maxis is opening an online booking. The Maxis iPhone 3G launch will be held at 7pm on March 20 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, where customers who have pre-registered for iPhone 3G will be invited to the event to collect their phones. Walk-in customers who have not made bookings may also register for iPhone 3G and will be notified for a collection on a subsequent date.

Maxis will offer the 8GB and 16GB iPhone 3G models with four new and specially designed postpaid plans called iValue, all of which are voice-data bundled price plans, starting from RM100 per month. For customers who sign up for a monthly commitment of RM375 over a 24-month period on the iValue 4 plan, the iPhone 3G 8GB will be free of charge.

The bundled voice and data plans are the first of their kind in Malaysia, reflecting the substantial growth in mobile data usage among Maxis’ customers. Maxis’ subscribers form the largest base of mobile data users in Malaysia, with more than 4.4 million accessing mobile internet services and sites on a regular basis.

“Malaysians, including our Maxis customers, are among the highest internet and data users in the world; and iPhone 3G will further enliven their mobile experiences with Maxis,” added Mr Das. “We are making nearly RM1.6 billion of investments into our networks this year. Over the coming months we will continue a comprehensive upgrade and expansion programme that will further enhance coverage and performance, including our high speed 3G data network.”

The new price plans on 24-month contracts are:

Price Plan : iValue 1 iValue 2 iValue 3 iValue 4
Monthly fee RM100 RM155 RM250 RM375
Voice credit (mins) 333 mins 666 mins 1,500 mins 2,500 mins
Data credit (MB) 500MB 1GB 2GB 3GB
iPhone 8GB RM1,510 RM1,260 RM680 RM0 (free)
iPhone 16GB RM1,890 RM1,640 RM1,060 RM260

Well, I am not really an iPhone fan plus I am still Celcom loyal customer.

(Hope Microsoft will do something to upgrade their aging Windows Mobile 6.1. the announced Mobile 6.5 is still not up to the expection to compete fairly with iPhone)

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Transform your Pocket PC as Wireless WIFI Router



This piece of beta software called, WMWifiRouter has been in my Pocket PC for almost a year I think, however I rarely use it.

WMWifiRouter will make your Pocket PC as a wireless WIFI router so that you may connect your laptop or any other WIFI enable devices to internet.The Pocket PC will connect to Internet using the standard Internet Sharing Connection which utilise the 3G or HSDPA broadband access.


The reason why I rarely use this software was that, for most of the time, like many other users, the most common way of getting internet access using Pocket PC is through USB cable or Bluetooth which also use ICS. WMWifiRouter will be very useful when no cable or the computer does not have Bluetooth connection.

WMWifiRouter will create ad-hoc (device-to-device) WIFI SSID (the SSID will appear as WMWifiRouter) from your Pocket PC so that any WIFI enable devices can connect to it. The only weakness by using this application is will drain the battery pretty fast since WIFI utilize substantial amount of power. So, you might want to hook up power adaptor to your Pocket PC when you use this application.

version 0.95

Currently, this software is already distributed commercially (under version 1.25), however, the copy that I have is in Beta (0.89) which I think still work very well.  You may want to download this application HERE.

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