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Install optware for DNS-323 ffp 0.5 (fun_plug)

At last, today I managed to install optware for my DNS-323. The OptWare package system was originally created to accompany the Unslung firmware for the NSLU2 (originally the packages were also called Unslung packages). It has since been expanded to cover a variety of other platforms, however much of the documentation hasn’t been updated so you may still see references to Unslung and the NSLU2 when the information also applies to other platform including D-Link DNS-323 NAS.

Thank’s to the much easier script this time provided HERE.

Just download the script from the link. Then place it in /ffp/start and chmod a+x it to make it executable. After that reboot. That’s all.


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  1. Hi,

    For what is the OptWare package?


    Comment by r3n0x | 02/03/2009

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