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How to unload/uninstall Trend Micro OfficeScan without password

In my other posting, I did explain how to kill the Trend Micro OfficeScan processes (aka services).  You can read that HERE.

In this posting, I will explain how if you want to permanently remove/uninstall the not so useful anti-virus from your PC.

If you try to uninstall directly from the Add/Remove Program in the Control Panel, you will encounter a pop-up menu asking you to enter the password.  This posting will assist you in case you do not have the password for what ever reason.

Here’s a simple hack for that:

  1. Search for Ofcscan.ini file. Normally the file is located in C:\Windows folder for Windows 95 and Windows 98, or C:\WINNT directory for Windows NT and Windows 2000. In newer operating system, the Ofcscan.ini can be saved in C:\Program Files\ folder.
  2. Open the Ofcscan.ini file using Notepad for editing.
  3. Search for the [INI_CLIENT_SECTION] section heading.
  4. Locate the line starting with Uninstall_Pwd=. Comment the line (make it inactive by typing a # at the beginning of the line, i.e. #Uninstall_Pwd=…..
  5. Insert a new line beneath the existing line as following:Uninstall_Pwd=70
  6. Save the Ofcscan.ini file.
  7. Try to uninstall Trend Microsoft OfficeScan again. When prompted to enter a password to continue to uninstall, enter 1 as the password.

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks you very much,
    I was struggling with this from last 1 week.

    Comment by Irfan | 01/01/2009

  2. For some weird reason, this just doesn’t work for me – I even tried to remove the whole Uninstall_Pwd-line and add a new one, but the password “1” is denied.

    Comment by Chemist | 05/02/2009

  3. Thank you very much this is exactly what i needed and it worked perfectly.

    Comment by Victor | 02/04/2009

  4. WORKED PERFECT!!!! Thank you, i thought i was gonna have to do some major work here…. thanks!

    Comment by Brandon | 15/05/2009

  5. not working !!!

    Comment by ajit | 16/05/2009

  6. To Checmist,

    Try changing the value of the Client_Uninstall..= 1. Then try to uninstall it again using the steps provided by Abuhawa..



    Comment by SysAd | 03/07/2009

  7. damn it doesn’t work as well.

    Comment by byon | 21/09/2009

  8. i can’t move any file from HD to flash disk coz it blocked by offcescan help please….

    Comment by sigobing | 16/11/2009

  9. Dude Abuhawa!! you copied my blog posts!! WTF!! This is plagiarism!

    Comment by nvedala | 10/12/2009

  10. thanks boss for sipmle solution

    Comment by navin | 25/12/2009

  11. Wow! This worked like a charm, thanks! I expected to have to wipe this system to remove this virus of a virus scanner.

    Comment by Nicholas | 21/01/2010

  12. it does not work for me…try everything d, but still having prob to

    Comment by nisa | 10/02/2010

  13. it doesn’t work

    Comment by h | 13/02/2010

  14. I have tried it but it is not working please help me

    Comment by viral | 24/09/2010

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