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Map Network Drive at Start-up

I have a network drive as you know from the other posts in this blog. Each time I start my windows XP computer, I have to enter the user name and password to map the network drive to My Computer. Manually it can be done from the Tools>Map Network Drive> Enter the Drive letter (e.g. Z:) and the network path (e.g. \\XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX\Volume_X).

We can automate this task so that each time we reboot the computer, the mapping is done automatically.

To do this, create a bat file using notepad or Notepad++ with a name:

e.g. netdrive.bat

In the file: write this command:

net use Z: \\XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX\Volume_1 password /user:username

XXX is the IP address or it could be the network shared name.

The username and the password is the network drive username and password. Get it from your NAS setting or ask your network administrator.

Save the file. Place the file shortcut in your Startup folder in your Start Menu>Program>Startup


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  1. Hey man,,,,i am happy to read about you,,nice may alla bless u and every life on earth without discriminating for religion…i must tell u this,,
    i am life who is the seeker of last unknown powers in this universe,,i am 19 yrs old uneducated self learner web programmer,,,,spending my life until death,,
    i wish ur childrens,wife and your family to be happy always..

    Comment by giridharseel | 23/02/2009

  2. Dear Bro,
    God bless you and all your fammilly and good luck for your mission. Very proud and happy to see a muslim like you.

    Comment by Tawfik | 11/03/2009

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