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FTP Folder content appears empty when accessed from Pocket PC FTP client

I am using Total Commander File Explorer to get access to my DNS-323 FTP server. I managed to get through but I have been wondering why some folders in the FTP server appear empty although in actual fact they are files insides. All the files inside the “empty” folders can be seen if I open using FTP client from standard PC (e.g. Fire FTP add-on of Firefox).

This issue has been wondering me for almost a month.

Allah is Great!
Today I realized one trend, the so-called “empty” folders are actually those folders where the file name contains space (in other words, file name that has more than one word e.g. Pocket PC Applications).

Once I renamed the folder to something like PocketPC in a single word with no space in between, immediately I managed to see the folder’s content.

Another great lesson learnt this evening. So, make sure so name all the folder name for your FTP server in a single word if you plan to access the server from Pocket PC FTP client.


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