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DXHI1/XXHI2, the best Samsung Omnia i900’s ROM for me so far

By today, it is more than 2 weeks, my Samsung Omnia  running on DXHI1 (for PDA) and XXHI2 (for phone). The performance is just beyond my expectation.

The battery performance is great, more than 2 and half days which I can claim the longest compared to other Windows Mobile phones that I used before.

Functionality and voice clarity are almost perfect.

You may get the download links for the ROM in website. The direct link to the ROM download thread can be found HERE.

Just a note, please make sure you hard reset the phone right after you upgrade to the new ROM.


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  1. Salam sahabatku, kaifa halak?Bila nak mengembara mai abu dhabi pulak ni? (^_^)

    Dengaq crita business hang kencang nampak?hehe, bagus2 mudahan bagi manfaat kat diri n jemaah.

    aku dok target jugak nak beli omnia tu, tapi nak tunggu HTC launch HTC HD dulu..Kat sini tak launch lagi, lagipun gadget sini mahal..

    Oklah, jaga diri..ada rezeki, jumpa la kita kat sini.Teruskan Perjuangan!!

    Abu Umar Abu Dhabi

    Comment by Abu Umar in Abu Dhabi | 16/10/2008

  2. Hi!!

    You can use a “DX” PDA Software with “XX” Phone Software?
    They not must be a XX togheder only ?? (or the DX)?
    What is the differences between DX and XX updates?


    Comment by Francisco | 26/10/2008

  3. hi, thanks for the info, just one question, im on windows 7 , i use grandprix to flash my phone. how can i flash the phone part of the rom ? i used the other exe to decompress it in cscs and bins, flashed it okay , i just dunno how to flash the phone part. can i use grand prix ? thanks !

    Comment by dan | 10/12/2010

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