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Just to make live easier…, the real FREE Malaysian maps for Garmin

I just learnt that, several senior mappers (antyong, sunn, dynamix) have parted away from and setting up

Few reasons were discovered from my investigation using google for the split. You may read my discoveries from the URLs below:

What ever it is, now with malfreemaps, you can really get a free Malaysian maps for your Garmin GPS devices. Unlike malsingmaps, no need for you to contribute to be entitled for the latest map in malfreemaps. That is the principal different between the malfreemaps and malsingmaps. In malsingmaps, you have to contribute at least two Point-Of-Interest (POIs), new tracks or corrections of in the existing maps for you to be entitled for the next coming map release.

Nevertheless, for malfreemaps, I still hope users can contribute so that the maps would be further updated. More mappers lead to much detailed maps.

It must be noted  that malfreemaps is still not yet as details as the malsingmaps since those mappers in malfreemaps try to build the maps almost from zero.


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  1. Hello friends, congratulations by blog.
    I recommend you that at the time of buying a GPS you buy one of quality and not any cheap thing that you that way see, to my I go that with blueetoh and in the end I had it to change by one good one, now I have a GPS that is of the best and the updates are most comfortable to do, if it interests and you are looking for a GPS to you I recommend one to you like mine, I give the connection you so that you prune it to compare with others.

    Comment by cosariocartaya | 01/11/2008

  2. Salam brother,

    I’m curious on your part time occupation, care to elaborate?
    How does one hunt for technology especially when most suppliers would have some form of relation or contact with rthe oil majors anyway since there are not many of’em

    Comment by Rashid | 29/01/2009

  3. Hello brother,

    Requiring contribution for the unlock key from Malsingmaps is a spin. Please read


    Comment by spinstopper | 16/03/2009

  4. too much politics in malsing

    Comment by redshadowadventure | 10/04/2009

  5. Hi there…
    Im having difficulties in getting acess of gps on my Nokia 6110 Navigator phone..
    It doesnt even comes with a bundled software that is useable in Malaysia and Singapore.
    Can u provide me a URL to a Garmin based GPS software (cracked possibly, coz i dun wana pay) and some description on how to install it in my phone..
    Thanks MAL!!

    Comment by Intiran Harikrishnan | 06/10/2009

  6. Great blog , thanks

    Comment by discount garmin review | 09/03/2010

  7. Hi, can someone email me please to explain (in easy way) how I get MY & Sing maps onto my Garmin Nuvi ?

    Many thanks

    Comment by J | 13/08/2010

  8. Garmin GPS are the best, i accidentally dropped one on the pool and it is still functioning after a minor cleanup“;

    Comment by Calcium Ascorbate : | 28/10/2010

  9. I envy your effort

    Comment by Mohd Kamal bin Yahaya | 12/07/2011

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