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Garmin release Mobile XT version 5!

I am a regular user of Garmin Mobile XT which is a GPS application meant for non-Garmin GPS hardware e.g. for Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian and Palm.

Garmin just release the new version for Mobile XT (version 5). The release, which is available here in the Garmin support site, offers the following benefits over version 4…

  • Update the look and feel of the Garmin Mobile XT application.
  • Add Google Local Search.
  • Add Panaramio photos-get to see pictures geotagged to your nearest location.
  • Add Flight Status- you can check all flight schedule (departure and arrival) for your nearest airport. In fact virtually all airports in the world!
  • Add Speed Limit display to the View Map.
  • Add ability to install and display custom vehicle icons.
  • Modify ‘Peerpoints’ feature name to ‘Location Message’.
  • Where I am function-give you easier access  to know your coordinates, the nearest junction of main roads, nearest hospital, police station and petrol stations.

…as well as a bunch of significant fixes / tweaks.

As for me, Mobile XT’s strengths have always been it’s excellent routing engine, great POI database and supplementary information and most of all it’s competitive price! In version 4 I felt this was at the expense of a UI that looked somewhat dated, but with version 5 adopting a Nuvi-like look and feel, hopefully this will be overcome!

Here are some screen shots:

Mobile XT home screen

Mobile XT home screen

See the new goolge local search

See the new goolge local search

Definitely much nicer than the old one!

Definitely much nicer than the old one!

Weather forecast

Weather forecast


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  1. […] GPS in your pocket Garmin Mobile XT Version 5 is a new product Garmin are launching specifically for cell phones with GPS […]

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  2. Haha.. min, I’ve found a way how to crack Garmin XT without buying the SD card or any software.

    Have tried for dopod with Holux M-1000 GPS receiver. It works!.

    Later I’ll try with built-in GPS in my Omnia.

    Great findings.

    Comment by uDen | 05/12/2008

  3. Latest map.. 1 Dec 2008

    Comment by uDen | 06/12/2008

  4. I have a HTC Touch Diamond. can I use garmin mobile XT 5.0 with it’s internal GPS receiver. My phone only have 4gb of internal storage, without SD slots. I already successfully install mobile XT 5.0 in it’s internal storage. But it keep seeking for Bluetooth Garmin GPS receiver. When I select use other GPS receiver, the UI stated it only works with Bluetooth GPS receiver. How I ractify this prob? Thanks in advance.

    Comment by johnson | 17/12/2008

  5. i have a N82 and currently using Garmaps2007 .Can some please help me with the link to download Garmaps 2008 .

    many thanks

    Comment by n82 ba | 08/01/2009

  6. i have an xperia x1 and i downloaded the garmit xt and when i try to connect to the internal gps it says it only works with garmin gps any comment on that?
    also how do i crack the damn program to make it work ?
    your help is highly apprteated .

    Comment by ahmad | 13/02/2009

  7. >Haha.. min, I’ve found a way how to crack Garmin XT
    > without buying the SD card or any software.

    what makes you so proud ? Garmin deserves to be
    paid if you like there product !!

    Comment by Ehab | 11/03/2009

  8. I have the crack and know how to crack this for all the while but I won’t crack any software anymore. that is my stand once I appreciate how difficult it is to write and develop program.

    Comment by abuhawa | 21/03/2009

  9. how did you crack it? ajar la…

    Comment by sufian | 04/05/2009

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    Comment by GarminGPS | 20/06/2009

  11. If you have the crack why don’t you help the other ?

    Comment by arash | 16/07/2009

  12. I buy new samsung Jet.. but cannot install Garmin Mobile XT… symbian and WM version not work on Jet…

    So how to do?

    Comment by JTX | 12/11/2009

  13. […] GPS in your pocket Garmin Mobile XT Version 5 is a new product Garmin are launching in 2009 specifically for cellphones with GPS […]

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  14. I like this site very much so much superb information.

    Comment by Lillie Stranger | 29/07/2011

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