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D-Link DNS-323, a wonderful versatile small machine!

It is a big relief to me today after for almost a week at last I managed to setup my newly bought Dlink DNS-323 Network Atttached Storage (NAS).

To begin with, I really in need of NAS when I discovered my external 100GB USB hard disk is no longer able to cater the amount of pictures, songs, files that me and my wife dump on it.

From my research, there is a good number of NAS for home use starting with 1-bay up to 4-bay.  Most even have RAID capability.

Then I put up my criteria; my NAS must have at least 2-bay with RAID1 capability.

Then I started googling to find the best NAS in the market. My initial innocent impression was to look for Linksys products, well not to say that I am bought with the Linksys tagline “A Cisco division” but I have to admit that my existing Linksys wireless G router with ADSL modem (WAG200G) work so good and easy-to-configure really impress me.

On the net I then was exposed to Linksys NAS 200. The interesting fact is NAS 200 will only appear if you google the word NAS with Linksys but if you just type e.g. NAS 2-bay, the highest rank would give you D-Link DNS 323.

Front view: 1 power button, 2 hard disk process indicators, 1 system indicator

1 power port 1 Gigabit port 1 USB

Rear view: 1 power port, 1 Gigabit port, 1 USB, fan and 2 hard disk latchs

Then I try to scout for more review of those two rivals. You can read the full reviews for both products, DNS-323 and NAS-200 . But here are the summary of the strengths and weaknesses of those two:

D-Link DNS 323

Linksys NAS 200

Common Features

· Compact design

· Come with backup software

· Very easy to set up

· Intuitive Web interface

· USB Print-serving capability

· Two drive bays with RAID support

· Can operate as a UPnP AV, iTunes, and FTP server;

· Enables files to be downloaded in the background over HTTP or FTP so you can switch off your PC while files being download in your NAS


1. Has Gigabit

2. Can also act as DHCP server (disable by default though)

3. Has Bit torrent support (*)

1. Storage can be expanded further as the two USB ports can be used to add external drives


1. Can not be expanded with external USB hard disks (#)

1. No Gigabit only Fast Ethernet

2. USB port for sharing a printer

* Requires the latest 1.05 firmware. Download HERE

# Solved now (but follow my next tips for this later)

So, the result is obvious right? Of course my choice is then D-Link DNS 323. I bought this devices together with 1 Maxtor 500GB 32MB cache and 1 Seagate 500GB 32MB cache (for real redundancy feature, do not use same type of product) at the total price of Rm885 (the DNS 323 is priced at RM420). To my surprise DNS 323 is very much cheaper than NAS 200! Now you know how brand really sells and digs deeper into your pocket.

After getting this into my hand, that is how in the next 5 days I discovered how great is the potential of this little device. Little thing with big impacts…yea…something like that…


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