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Samsung OMNIA DXHH1 ROM ready for download!

Dear All Samsung OMNIA i900 users,

Those who are looking a the new DXHH1 ROM for the Samsung OMNIA i900, you can get the file directly from HERE.

But I strongly recommend that you read all the user discussion in the thread HERE.

Warning: Since this ROM is reconstructed from my OMNIA and not officially made available on the web by Samsung, so please use and do it at your own risk.


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  1. Can i check with you if your streaming player works with the HH1 rom?

    Comment by meow | 29/08/2008

  2. Assalamualaikum!

    Aku baru aje beli omnia nie 3 hari lepas setelah berhempas pulas cari duit dah nak ganti nokia 3120 aku yang telah berjasa kepada aku sejak 7 tahun yang lalu.

    Aku nak tanya hang…cam ne nak download video yang telah aku save dalam pc ke omnia nie? Tolong lah ye kawan!

    Ko nie kek mano? Tengah belajar ke? Ok, lah aku belah dulu! Tapi tolong aku atasi masalah di atas tu!

    Comment by daeng | 13/11/2008

  3. good

    Comment by nexus | 10/06/2009


    Comment by Ambrose ViccarsI | 24/01/2011

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