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Mapsource 6.14.01 beta can not browse Malsingmaps GM-MySin

Last night, I struggled a lot to view Malsingmaps GM-MySin v2.28 map on my latest Mapsource installation using 6.14.01 beta. I found out that after installing the malsingmaps, the Mapsource could not ran at all giving error message that there is something wrong with the GM-MySin v2.28 installation.

Tonight, after some search in malsingmaps forum, i discover the bug! It is some error in the registry that we need to change.

You need to change the following registry key:


to become


The original values are hexadecimals (3c). Replace them with their decimal equilvalent (60).

This 60 is only for Peninsular maps, for Borneo use 59.

Why 60, This is the reason given by one of the forumer:

New beta releases from Garmin do not recognise the Product Code Malsingmaps is using. If future stable releases follow the same rule, we just need to change the Product Code.

Subkey (looks like subfolder) = PID, you can gmaptool or FIDfinder.exe or others software to see the PID value for your *.img file in decimal, each img file has FID, PID, RID, RgnID, VenID

or use Hex2Dec(“3B”) = 59 — function in in Excell (should enable Analysis Toolpack add-in in order to enable Hex2Dec function)

In Excell spreadsheet — Click -> Tools -> Add-ins -> check Analysis Toolpack -> OK

example for GM-MySin change from Hex 3C –> Dec 60

Or, you can just use the calculator from Windows. Choose “View” and “Scientific”.
Click on the radio button “Hex”, type the hex value, eg. “3C” and then click on the radio button “Dec”. You will get the decimal value of “60” as in the picture.


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  1. Thanks for putting up the solution. Was struggling with the same problem too.

    Comment by Dennis | 13/08/2008

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