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Al-Fatihah to sahabat semusafirku….

Bergambar bersama di Karshi, Uzbekistan

Bergambar bersama di Karshi, Uzbekistan

Ketika bersama ke GTLtec di Doha pada Jan 2007

Ketika bersama ke GTLtec di Doha pada Jan 2007

Di London pada March 2007

Di Los Angeles Airport pada April 2006

Hari ini, seorang yang rapat dengan ku telah kembali kerahmatullah. Beliau ialah Zaharuddin Zainuddin yang merupakan orang yang banyak memberikan aku ilmu-ilmu berkaitan industri yang kuceburi ini, industri minyak dan gas. Kami rapat apabila bersama-sama terlibat dalam projek yang membawa kami mengembara banyak tempat di dunia. Sepanjang bermusafir bersama beliau, aku dapat merasai yang beliau sememangnya merupakan seorang yang baik dalam beragama dan juga amat komited terhadap tugasnya kepada syarikat.

Semoga Allah mengampunkan dosa-dosanya dan meletakkan beliau di antara kalangan orang-orang yang soleh.


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  1. Mg uncle ditempatkan di kalangan org2 yang beriman..sedih sgt…sorry i just google his name and found your blog.He is my dad’s best friend. We were in Sudan before..

    Comment by Nur_lulu | 08/08/2008

  2. As I’d missed him so much, I’ve typed his name in google search today hoping to find some pictures of him in the web and I’ve found your website. Thanks a lot four your pictures . If you some more please put it in your website so that I can download and keep it .

    I really loves him so much.His demise caught me and my family by surprise. Until today I’m still trying to recover from this unforgettable trauma.

    He is a pious man, a good , helpful and kind brother. He always be my shoulder to cry on. I’m very closed to him and his family.

    Sometimes I wonder why his fate should be like this. It’s just too early and too soon.I just can’t get enough loving and caring from a brother like him.All the memories with him is still fresh in my mind.Only God knows how much I love and miss him .

    As a human being my soul is full of emotions and feelings but as a muslim I must take hold of myself and always have faith in ALLAH. The world that we’re living in is only a place that provide us an opportunity to gather all the resources that we will need when we reach our ultimate destination. The difference between us is the time allocated to gather all the resources. As for my brother the time given by ALLAH is 46 years and he has successfully gather all the resources he needs as from what I see.

    He is trully a pious man and a man of God. My tears will break down whenever I think about him.

    Semoga ALLAH mencucuri rahmat keatas roh kekanda ku yang ku kasihi zaharuddin zainuddin.

    Since you have been a good friend of my brother I wanted to continue his friendship. Please do keep in contact.

    Thank you.

    Comment by Nizamuddin Zainuddin | 03/09/2008

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