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How to legally install Mapsource

Now, there are a lot of free, open source maps produced for different parts of the world by GPS enthuthiasts. The most popular mapping tool usually used by such community is from Garmin called Mapsource. So far I believe only Garmin has a good open source tool for mapping and autorouting.

Example of such community is in Malaysia, you have, NZ Open GPS Project for New Zealand. These maps are updated frequently and to certain extend is much more accurate and favorable compared to official Garmin maps.

One thing I realized is, most of these free maps assume that you have Mapsource software to view, download and upload the maps between your PC and your GPS devices (e.g. Nuvi, Mobile XT, etrex, etc).

Here I would like to share how to get the Mapsource free of charge legally without having to go to torrents. Follow the following steps:

1. Please install the Garmin Training Center. Get the installer from HERE. This will actually give you the crucially needed Garmin folder in your C:/ drive.

2. Next, install the latest Mapsource update which you could get HERE.

3. The previous two steps will install Mapsource in your PC with a world base map without any specific mapsets for the interested region.

4.You may then download any free maps from the above portal for free maps.

You now can download your map into your GPS devices!


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  1. HI
    i have intalled mapsource but cant see any detail map and also map tool does notselect says that you have to unlock maps.where do i get free map to view and download in mapsource for europe.
    Please can you help me if know any site.

    Comment by imran | 16/08/2008

  2. Hello Imran, even though your post is 2 years old, if you are still wondering, go to Haklabs and search 2011 garmin hacks and it will tell you the rest from there.

    Comment by Shah | 28/10/2010

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