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Even my mother in Alor Setar worry about the safety of DSAI

I received a call from my mother asking me to verify the rumor about the arrest of DSAI. It is not a rumor, mom…It is a reality….All we have to do is to pray to Allah, may Allah protect him from the cruelty of UMNO and its machinery.

And my father on the other hand, throw out a very good point…although almost all the people support Anwar especially after listening to his debate last night, it would be a tremendously a difficult job to topple the corrupted government like the one that we are having right now. History has shown us that to change such government, it took extra gut from the citizen. it take pengorbanan yang cukup tinggi daripada kita semua. Adakah kita semua sanggup? Adalah kita masih selesa dengan keselesaan kita?

I think I agree with my father if we look in Indonesia…

Entahlah..semoga Allah merahmati kita semua.


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