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Setting up GPSProxy for Garmin Que

I write this because it happened to me several times when I want to install and configure GPSProxy to couple with Garmin Que in Windows Mobile devices. GPSProxy allow you to use Garmin Que with any standard NMEA protocol Bluetooth receiver. You do not need proprietary Garmin GPS receiver (e.g. Garmin GPS 10x).

Before anything start, make sure you write your name in Owner Information. Do not leave the Name field blank. The name will be required by GPSProxy to generate unique GPSID. This unique GPSID is required when you want to get updated maps from

Then follow the following steps strictly.

  1. Download and install GPSProxy. Make sure your device is connected to PC through ActiveSync. Ignore and click OK for all error messages.
  2. Download the Wsian’s modified GPSProxy 2.2c. You will notice that there are three variations, please use the one that is suitable for your device. To be safe, just use the Normal one.
  3. Copy the following files from Wsian’s modified GPSProxy 2.2c into GPSProxy folder in your device:
  4. Strict reminder, please note the file names and do not copy all files! If not, you are having trouble which require uninstall and reinstall of the original GPSProxy. This happened to be several time and because of this, that’s why I write this tutorial in my blog. In fact as it is as a reminder for myself actually.
  5. Now you have completed all the installation works, and it is time to configure the GPSProxy in your device.

When you start up GPSProxy 2, you will come to the main screen as shown. To access all setup settings, press Menu button.

Step 1: Assign virtual com ports
Click on button Virtual COM Ports for setup.
When the Virtual COM Ports setup page appear, click Add button. GPSProxy will auto choose an available free com port to be assigned as virtual port as shown in picture below. You can add more than 1 virtual port but minimum is to have one.
Reminder: Do not assign COM0 to be virtual port as it will not be listed in Que communication port.

Step 2: Assign & configure gps com ports
Go back to the menu page, click on button Extensions and you will be entering page as shown. Next click on the Configure button right below the combo box with text NMEA Input. This is where you configure the connection to your gps receiver.

For GPS COM Port, click on the square button to enter into com port settings.
From the dropdown list, select your gps physical comm. port. For CF / cable connection or built in gps in your ppc, use baud rate 4800. For bluetooth gps, use 57600 or hardware vendor recommended value.
At this moment leave blank for option Mirror GPS Input to Output Port and also Output COM Port.

Step 3: Configure virtual com ports
Go back to Extensions page. Select Garmin Protocol Output from the list box and press the Configure button. A familiar COM port configuration page will appear where it is now for virtual port setup. Select the com port that labeled as GPSProxy Virtual COM Port, which is also the com port you’ve assigned earlier in step 1.

Once this is done, click OK to go back the initial screen. Turn on and get your gps ready (make sure bluetooth connection is turn on, cable/cf card is plugged in or whatever it is …. ). Hit the Start button and you are ready to go. You can click on Page button & select GPS Satelite Info to have a graphical view.


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  1. NMEA:inpout gps port error:UART

    Any idea???

    Comment by Stavros | 24/08/2008

  2. […] Step 1: You will need to install GPSProxy to trick Garmin Que thinking it is linking itself with a Garmin GPS device. I am a bit busy today so I will just pass you a link: The link. […]

    Pingback by HTC Touch Pro: GPS installation | Khairul's notes | 03/12/2008

  3. Thnx Man. It was really helpfull. I don have much clue about fixing this thngs but with trial and error I hv learnt a bit from people like U. Cheers

    Comment by Fahi Ash | 12/04/2009

  4. Excelent tip!!!!
    I was trying a lot of procedures, all week long and, nothing.
    Abu Hawa.
    I followed your instructions for a minute and, voilá…..
    You did me a favor and left my ram memory free from this problem.
    Thank you a lot and happiness for all your family.
    Jason Sakai, from Brazil.

    Comment by Jason Sakai | 22/04/2009

  5. My fellow on Orkut shared this link and I’m not dissapointed that I came here.

    Comment by Ted Burrett | 22/04/2009

  6. Hi Bro,

    You certainly made my day. Keep rockin’


    Comment by Edward Chan | 03/06/2009

  7. Thank you, works great!

    Comment by Rahel | 20/06/2009

  8. “NMEA:inpout gps port error:UART

    Any idea???”

    Yups, when dowloading Wsian’s modif version please use the third one which says (just to keep track of this – I know this is outdated post ;)):

    “File comment: For ASUS devices or pda with baud rate (UART error) issue. Not for WM2003/SE or below. [329.69 KiB]
    Downloaded 1220 times “

    Comment by Pawel Lukaszewicz | 05/08/2009

  9. Hi abuhawa,

    What where you using this GPSproxy on, I’m trying to set it up to work with a HTC (OKTA) touch phone, but not having muck luck.


    New Zealand

    Comment by Wayne | 26/08/2009

  10. when i opened the gps proxy after installed into my pda, (windows mobile 6.1), this appeared in my pda screen :

    A native exception occured.

    exception code: 0x80000002
    exception address: 0x00db8382
    OK to terminate
    CANCEL to debug

    anyone can help me pleasee…

    Comment by noob | 18/12/2009

  11. oaky, nevermind,my problem solved already.. 🙂

    Comment by noob | 18/12/2009

  12. I can’t find the right GPS proxy for my Dopod 818.
    pls recamand rhe web sute for download

    Comment by Jason Kuo | 09/03/2010

  13. gpspoxy ni just 4 pda jer ker??
    how about china gps car kit..
    cam ner yer nk setup??
    please help..tq

    Comment by roseline | 14/03/2010

  14. Where can I get “Garmin Que”?

    Comment by capitanqueso | 04/09/2010

  15. thaks for this tips

    Comment by bestgps | 24/12/2010

  16. i have problem when press star my gpsproxy i samsung omnia i900 will freeze. so i restart again and then pull out the battery… anybody can give me a tips… thanks… it will be grateful.

    Comment by mike | 15/01/2011

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