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Juniper Network Connect always disconnected

I am a heavy user of Juniper Network Connect (NC) which my company use as SSL VPN access. I need NC for me to have remote access to my office PC whenever I am at home or away from my office.

Recently, my HP nc6400 laptop failed to boot after due to corrupted system files, I have to send it to our IT Helpdesk to recover the PC.

Once after I received the PC, I discovered that I had difficulty to connect to Juniper NC. The error message was:

“The Network Connect session terminated. Do you want to re-connect?” “”

This error message will pop-up after Juniper NC briefly get connected.

After googling, I found the solution.

The problem is actually caused by this program “mDNSResponder.exe” This program will be installed when you install application e.g. Flash CS3, Apple iTunes and Bonjour.

If you press Ctrl-Alt-Del and go to Task Manager and look at your processes then you will find a “mDNSResponder.exe” service running after installing Flash CS3. Ending this process allows you to connect through Network Connect.

You have to do this each time after login. For permanent solution, you might want to try this steps:

Go to Start Menu > Run and type in “services.msc” to open the services configuration panel. Look for a service with a name something like ”##Id_String1.6844F930_1628_4223_B5CC_5BB94B879762##” (I think the bit after the dot will change on each computer). To confirm it’s the correct service double click on it and look at the “Path to executable” – it should be “C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe”. If it is then change the “Startup type” to “disabled” and press the “Stop” button. You should now be able to connect to your VPN.

As far as I can tell, neither of these solutions have had a detrimental effect on my trial install of Flash so I think that they are safe changes to make but no guarantees! Hopefully the information will save someone the time it took me to find the answer.

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  1. Thank you in tons…You have saved my time and efforts…without VPN … lemme not event think of…Thank u once again.

    Comment by sai srikanth | 04/05/2008

  2. Thanks so much. This was it. Why is this such a problem. What the hell is the mDNSResponder for?

    Comment by Pat | 12/05/2008

  3. thank you so much for this post!! my own IT desk hasn’t helped me. thank you mucho!!!

    Comment by bari | 14/05/2008

  4. Thanks for that, it’s been driving me mad. Now works fine

    Comment by Mark | 27/05/2008

  5. You saved my day! My tech support was unable to resolved that either. Fully functional, thanks so much

    Comment by Bruno | 27/05/2008

  6. It is a surprise to me that many people leave have the same problem with me.
    Thank you for the comments!!

    Comment by abuhawa | 05/06/2008

  7. Thanks for the info. Also, the service to stop could be listed under Bonjour as well!

    Comment by dilla | 13/06/2008

  8. Thank you so much!

    Comment by Nathan | 16/07/2008

  9. THANK YOU!!!!!!! This saved my day!!!

    Comment by john | 17/07/2008

  10. For everyone wondering, this service is for the Bonjour service for Apple (and apparently something else for flash). I’m not sure completely what Bonjour does, but one thing is that it allows the Apple Remote application to control iTunes (from your iPhone for instance).

    Remote is a cool program and its a really great way to scan through your PC’s library with the easy iPhone interface. Unfortunately I guess you can’t run it along with your Juniper VPN. Oh well, I guess there are some sacrifices for that work from home contract!

    Comment by Vince Rosalia | 22/07/2008

  11. Thanks so much!!! I was working on a client’s pc and this was exactly what was needed. Keep up the good work!

    Comment by Chris | 03/10/2008

  12. Thank u so muchh my friend. You saved my night at 02:00 am ..Now i can sleep 🙂

    Allah razı olsun..!

    Comment by Fatih | 08/10/2008

  13. Thanks was very helpful…great work buddy!

    Comment by Mark Borel | 10/10/2008

  14. Thanks a lot!! Good Description for this strange Problem…

    In my Case I just killed the process “mDNSResponder.exe” and renamed the file. No Problems with connecting after several times switching the laptop on/off. 🙂

    Comment by Dennis | 08/11/2008

  15. Hi buddy!Thanks very much for great help.i was Struggling last 24 hors to fix this make this Think very easy.great work my friend,khuda hafis

    Comment by Fairoz khan | 25/11/2008

  16. thanks a ton

    Comment by hemanth | 27/11/2008

  17. thanks a lot friend.
    now i need not go to office on saturdays and sundays 🙂

    Comment by srikanth | 18/12/2008

  18. thanks heaps your little solution is a gem….:)

    Comment by ccotter | 27/12/2008

  19. You are the MAN! I finally solved this problem.

    Comment by Peter | 20/02/2009

  20. Dude, I spent ages trying to connect, then i decided to google the error and luckily landed here first.

    many many many thanks


    Comment by reallllly grateful UK | 04/03/2009

  21. Thanks!!!!

    Comment by Dustin | 10/03/2009

  22. I have a same problem as you but I have not mDNSResponder.exe process in Task Manager process list.

    Comment by Sergey | 15/03/2009

  23. THX a lot… finally I can work today. All my best from Spain

    Comment by Nacho | 02/04/2009

  24. Thanks very much!!! You are a life saver!!! This disconnection is really getting on my nerves as needed to support a critical server via RDP and needed to have a secure VPN connection… This really helps!!!

    Thanks and keep up the good work in helping others… God Bless Always!!! 🙂

    Comment by bOnG | 04/07/2009

  25. Juniper Network Connect is the biggest piece of shit software ever created by a living walking human. This piece of crap is not nearly as reliable as the other VPN solutions i’ve and I still use on this same laptop. There is no valid explanation for the constant problems I run into with it, the software is poorly written and buggy.

    If your company is considering an alternate secure VPN client: skip Juniper!!!!

    Comment by Mario Aguilera | 23/07/2009

  26. Thanks a bunch! You saved me a lot of time.

    Comment by AbMaj | 31/08/2009

  27. Apparently this is a very popular solution for this problem. What if you have the same problem, using Vista, and it is NOT a Bonjour issue? I have to agree with Mario, Juniper is not the greatest.

    Comment by Phil | 13/10/2009

  28. Thanks, was very helpful. God bless!

    Comment by Nandan Mullakara | 14/10/2009

  29. You’re the man…thanks!

    Comment by July | 24/10/2009

  30. Thanks so much. I was about to pull my hair out because I could not figure out what was going on. Thanks for thinking to place this post it was right on time.

    Comment by ALM | 25/10/2009

  31. initially i used XP SP2, and using network connect. Previously i got the same problem, which finally solved after i killed that mDNSResponder. However last week my computer updated with XP SP3, and same error message pop up again. I tried to disabled mDNSresponder, uninstall and install NC backed, but still got the problem. Does XP SP3 didnt support Juniper NC? Tried to ask auntie google but still no answer. FYI i used juniper 6.0…thanks!

    Comment by MFA | 17/12/2009

  32. Thanks a lot, you have saved my day 🙂

    /Robert, Sweden

    Comment by Robert | 28/12/2009

  33. thanks so much…. it work and save a lot of my time

    Comment by gantan | 14/01/2010

  34. Hi,

    When I used to connect from home to my company network through my personal laptop running Vista SP1, the connection used to drop every now and then. I called our company IT Service desk and they gave steps like
    1. Connect to different switch – VPN url (our company runs multiple switches spread across geographies).
    2. Uninstall bonjour service which comes with Apple applications (I was not running this service as I do not run any Apple application),
    3. Uninstall Java installed on my laptop
    4. Clear browser cache, etc.
    However none of it fixed the problem. I was about to bring my laptop to office to hand it over to IT service desk for them to fix it, when I tried to do some googling. I found the post below at: relevant to my problem and a possible solution.
    1. Hi,
    This is indeed an issue on Vista SP1 Wireless, and sometimes Wired connections too regardless of Bonjour being installed.
    If you want a fix, you need to go into the TCP/IP properties of the network interface you are using, and choose “Advanced…” Under interface metric, untick “Automatic Metric” and enter “1″ in the box.
    Seems to be an issue with the Vista TCP/IP stack but doesn’t affect *all* installations.
    I applied the above step to all network adapters on my laptop (LAN connection – wired, wireless and Juniper) and it solved my problem. Hence, thought of sharing it with you, so that other users facing this problem can fix it.


    Comment by Shashibhushan | 03/02/2010

  35. Very good post on how to solve this problem. I found this post that lists other programs that cause the same problem. The solution is also given here.

    Comment by Drew Fullen | 24/06/2010

  36. Thanks a whole bunch– you saved the day!

    Comment by Ellis | 27/07/2010

  37. I am having exactly the same problem, but mDNSResponder is not my task list!?!? Corporate IT support has been worthless.

    Comment by Kev | 27/08/2010

  38. Top Tip.


    Comment by jp | 09/09/2010

  39. Thanks very much – this was very helpful, I was fighting with this for a while.

    Comment by Rex | 09/11/2010

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