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How to kill Trend Micro Officescan w/o password

Trend Micro Officescan client requires you to enter password if you want to unload or uninstall the application.

I want to remove it since it is a very bad application since I can not set any exception for its Enterprise Firewall.

This application was installed by our Network Administrator by default on every PC, laptop.

I am surprised to find that it is very easy to kill to process without the need to enter any password.

Run> Enter the following commands one-by-one:

taskkill /F /IM TmListen.exe
taskkill /F /IM PccNTMon.exe
taskkill /F /IM OfcPfwSvc.exe
taskkill /F /IM NTRtScan.exe


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  1. Amazing bro!! this shit actually works!!! good work! dis dam software was fuckin the head.

    Comment by soulseeker | 04/06/2008

  2. hi, the same has happened to me..
    but i have another problem..
    the administrator has also restricted the use of RUN method, along with DOS progam…

    any other suggestion?

    Comment by Manuel | 19/06/2008

  3. manuel
    type in txt:

    @echo off
    start comand

    then save as .cmd and run the file

    Comment by Hacker | 02/07/2008

  4. dude, this is awesome, IT WORKS!!!

    Comment by chris | 07/07/2008

  5. I’m confused, what is supposed to happen once you have entered the commands in run, one by one?

    Comment by Michael | 12/07/2008

  6. Actually I now understand

    thanks heaps 😀

    Comment by Michael | 12/07/2008

  7. It helps :)!

    Comment by kp | 13/08/2008

  8. how the fuck do u delete this crap fucker

    Comment by fcgcfgcfgvb | 13/09/2008

  9. No it doesn’t work 😦 . All it does is kill the PccNTMon.exe process, but none of the other processes. So I guess that it only LOOKS like it works since the icon in the system tray disappears. Very disappointing 😦

    Comment by OmpaLompa | 30/09/2008

  10. Fantastic dude !!!!

    it worked…

    Thanks a lot

    Comment by Abhishek | 02/10/2008


    It says there’s a registry key that you change and it allows unloading. I tried it and it worked like a champ.

    Comment by John | 11/11/2008

  12. This method is working.

    Thanks a lot.

    Comment by loveprone | 30/11/2008

  13. Thanks for the kill commands.
    I will probably create a .bat to do it next time I log into my PC.
    Appreciate the solution without all the bullsh#t that other Google searches turned up like “Why are you trying to kill your virus scan, isn’t it against your company policy… bla bla bla”
    – JFK

    Comment by JFK | 03/12/2008

  14. FYI:

    Just found this site too.
    This solution might work better because it allows you to change the password to unload or uninstall TrendMicro OfficeScan from your PC:

    – JFK

    Comment by JFK | 03/12/2008

  15. […] How to unload/uninstall Trend Micro OfficeScan without password In my other posting, I did explain how to kill the Trend Micro OfficeScan processes (aka services).  You can read that HERE. […]

    Pingback by How to unload/uninstall Trend Micro OfficeScan without password « Masalah? Selesaikan..Kongsikan.. | 21/12/2008

  16. Hi, i havnt try to to this,but i think that its gonna work but, i have a suggestion.. if i do this, when i restart the computer, the trend gonna be in function again, or this gonna kill forever??

    Comment by DarkMan | 04/02/2009

  17. so far that the case for me.anyway I don’t want this unreliable anti virus…

    Comment by abuhawa | 05/02/2009

  18. great it works from the first time
    but the second and the third commands give me an error the the process doesn’t exists.
    Gazak Allaho khairan. Thx

    Comment by Mahmoud | 10/02/2009

  19. Shukriyaah!!!! Thanks for trick.

    Comment by Kuldip Gandhi | 21/06/2009

  20. Hi dude,

    Thanx for solution…
    and have u solution for start Trend Micro ofc using command ?

    Comment by Tushar | 19/07/2009

  21. why don’t u use net stop ntrtscan ?

    Comment by walah | 05/09/2009

  22. cant believe this….it works…thanks a lot

    Comment by Jimit Shah | 05/09/2009

  23. i have officescan block my data transfer from Hard disk to flash disk USB. is there any way to remove the service from officescan thx anyway

    Comment by sigobing | 16/11/2009

  24. thank you

    Comment by h | 11/02/2010

  25. After I killed:

    taskkill /F /IM TmListen.exe
    taskkill /F /IM NTRtScan.exe
    taskkill /F /IM TmProxy.exe
    taskkill /F /IM TmPfw.exe

    the services were restarted somehow (magically) again.
    but after killing I could change the names of executable files (c:\program files\trend micro\OfficeScan Client) to *.exe2 and then I’m free 🙂

    Comment by Marcin | 12/05/2010

  26. It worked! It worked! Thanks a bunch. Goodbye damn program.

    Comment by Jesus | 06/07/2010

  27. Пусть системные администраторы знают что есть приёмы и на их хитрые штучки )! Рад безмерно. Абухава – Мир Вашему Дому и большое спасибо за информацию.

    Comment by Ярослав | 27/07/2010

  28. it worked for me too!

    I was unable to run solidworks Cosmos simulations until I disabled these processes! works fine now.

    I changed the name of the offending exe files too – remind me to change them back when i’m done!

    Comment by brent | 22/10/2010

  29. Salam Abu Hawa,
    Is there a way to enable USB port with using the Admin Access password? Thnx

    Comment by aYam_reBeL | 27/10/2010

  30. typo: without using the Admin Access

    Comment by aYam_reBeL | 27/10/2010

  31. anta pakai OS apa, Windows 7? Susah sikit lah. Maybe anta boleh try boot and masuk safe mode,

    Comment by abuhawa | 27/10/2010

  32. kat ofis pakai XP ja. susah ler nak transfer2 benda.dalam safe mode boleh bypass admin acces ker?

    Comment by aYam_reBeL | 28/10/2010

  33. You forget that we put these apps on here to keep dumbfucks like you from infecting the whole network with viruses when you go to sketchy websites…

    Comment by Amanda | 19/01/2011

  34. Damn it still wont go :\
    Everything except Ntrtscan closes. Taskkill doesnt open. I have windows 7. 😦
    I tried to manually delete it but it wont go. I changed OFCSCAN.ini as in the above links, but it doesnt work too. -____- Need help!

    Comment by Jimmy | 25/02/2011

  35. :begin
    @echo off
    taskkill /F /IM NTRtScan.exe
    ping -n 1 -w 30000 > nul
    goto loop

    Comment by | 25/03/2011

  36. that works if its running. “run” msconfig and find trend micro’s thing, and stop it from ever starting. if it is running, do that, then log off, log back in , and no more annoying antivirus

    Comment by gavin u | 09/07/2011

  37. I just need access to copy my contents in pen drive to hard disk and vise verse. My admin has blocked the usage of pen drive could you give any suggestion for this? if you can please help me out

    Comment by @frontech# | 12/08/2011

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