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A comeback…better late than never

It has been almost more than 4 years that I owned a blog. I used to be a blogger when I shared my experience with my friends in Malaysia during my summer business school known as Global Village Internship Program in 2004 in Lee Iaccoca Institute of Lehigh University, Pennsylvania, USA .

But when I returned to Malaysia, I felt there was nothing else that I want to share with the rest of my friends let alone to other bloggers.

Suddenly, the interest just picked up again mainly due to strong motivation from my wife-cum-advisor to share my thoughts, my interest in gadgets to the rest of the world.

I think my wife is absolutely right. Why? For almost three years (beginning 2005 when I jointed the company) I have been traveling to various part of the world. My job as the technology hunter is really an exciting job that serve my interest to be a global trekker.

My wife said, you should share your experience since not many got the chance to be I am now.

Besides sharing all the experience, it is time for me to share my thoughts in various topics with the rest of the world. It is part of da’wah as a Muslim.

Further strengthen my will to write again is due to the recent phenomenal changes in the Malaysian political landscape where the opposition coalition managed to deny 2/3 majority in the Parliament and also added another 4 states into the existing Kelantan which is under Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (Pan Islamic Party of Malaysia).

As a saying goes, better late than never, so here I am again in the cyberworld!



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  1. Salam, what is your email?

    Curious to know what more about your “Tech Hunter” job.


    Comment by aNas | 29/09/2008

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